Enjoying another great corporate event

We are in San Francisco for a dueling pianos show at another great corporate event for a fantastic client. We’ve been here all week and were just finishing up.

It was a trade show for a display company. We performed on the convention floor and then later appeared at their client appreciation night.


Then we got away for some R&R afterwards. I love traveling all over the USA. corporate_entertainers1

Dueling pianos San Francisco style for your corporate event too

All American dueling pianos Exceptional corporate entertainers

Dueling Pianos Country Music Style

We are going into our 4th week down at Bub City on Clark Street in Chicago.

One of my favorite parts about a dueling pianos show – and there are many – is the versatility and diversity we can bring as your corporate entertainers.

Have a theme party ideas planned? Call All American Dueling Pianos!
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This week we go on from 9 til Midnight. Every Wednesday for quite some time – Good Lord Willin’ and the creek don’t rise.
435 N Clark, Chicago, IL OR BETTER YET … Go to their site


The club owners wanted us to come down to their country bar which does real well here in Chicago BTW. We play all the classic country music you could ask for, plus we know a ton of the current artists’ material too.

So get on down. Enjoy some good BBQ. and watch dueling pianos go head to head, toe to toe every Wednesday.

All American Dueling Pianos.

September in July?

It was 53 degrees this AM in Chicago. I didn’t if I should turn on the heat or just close all the windows and climb under a blanket.

I guess this is just preparing me for next week. We’ll be in San Francisco. I’ve been booked to play my first gay wedding. Pretty cool really. Great couple. Really chill about the whole thing. Even tho he told me he never thought this going to happen on their lifetimes. I’m just doing some solo piano music as a piano entertainer for them. But we also produce wedding bands for same sex union reception. Hell I never thought I’d see the day.

Illinois just legalized same sex unions and it sure as hell took long enough. Better late than never.

I’ll be sure to post some pictures. Party on!

Glo Glee Music. Live music and comedy for wedding reception.

Dueling Piano at Your Charity Event

Tonight we are helping Lil Coalers Wrestling Club raise some money for their kids.

Joe and Chris talked about starting a local wrestling club at one of their kids soccer match last September. Since Coal City is not that big, 10 people asked them if they were serious by the end of the match.

They now have 91 kids in their program. They had no idea it was going to take off like it did.

So tonight they’re hosting their first ever charity event to but some wrestling mats for the kids.

Once the word got out that they were having dueling pianos, they had the phone ringing off the hook. 350 and counting. Walk ups are certain. When it comes to fundraising ideas, you can’t do much better than All American Dueling Pianos from Chicago.

Fundraiser entertainment at its best.


Jazz Piano

I love YouTube. I just caught this discussion or rather interview with Bill Evans the great jazz pianist, composer and arranger. He talks about the creative process. Yet the interviewer talks about how as an amateur or a part timer who doesn’t have to explore at the level that Bill Evans is at, does not have the time to improvise past a certain skill level.

But Mr Evans says “You’ve got to be real and authentic.”

I would hope that’s what we try to re-create here on everyone one of our gigs. We play shows all over the USA. I think that’s one thing that we need to be highly aware of, no matter what style of music we are playing, to remain authentic. An audience can always detect BS.

Anyway, check out this short video.


Dueling Pianos Nebraska

It’s been a whirlwind. Thats for sure. Heading back home after another energizing show last night. Over 1200 people in attendance sing along, dancing along and laughing along. Dueling pianos reaches everybody young and old. This was another corporate event where family of all ages were invited.

Company events like this are perfect with dueling pianos because the kids are up dancing, they were making requests and adoring every moment. We’re not just talking about the young ones. The tweeners and the teens were on board as well. I love the power of the music.

Live music is such a rarity these days except for weddings and the occasional bar gig. Company events are ready to go with live music from dueling pianos this time in Nebraska.

See you next time.


R&R in Phoenix

It’s 80 degrees and there’s baseball being played. Very little music going on for us today. Just thought you should know.


Travel day

The cheapest gas prices in the country — OK, TX, NM


Chicago still is the most expensive. But we haven’t made it to CA yet.

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