Dueling Piano Music in Batavia

Hey Folks …. quick reminder fir this Saturday August we have a live music and comedy show going on at The Range Grill & Tap in Batavia


We’ll start around 9 PM. This is a live piano music and comedy show. Get on down early for some great food and drink.

The Range is located … here.


Great Live Music and Comedy to go with tasty Food and Drinks This Sat Aug 23rd



September in July?

It was 53 degrees this AM in Chicago. I didn’t if I should turn on the heat or just close all the windows and climb under a blanket.

I guess this is just preparing me for next week. We’ll be in San Francisco. I’ve been booked to play my first gay wedding. Pretty cool really. Great couple. Really chill about the whole thing. Even tho he told me he never thought this going to happen on their lifetimes. I’m just doing some solo piano music as a piano entertainer for them. But we also produce wedding bands for same sex union reception. Hell I never thought I’d see the day.

Illinois just legalized same sex unions and it sure as hell took long enough. Better late than never.

I’ll be sure to post some pictures. Party on!

Glo Glee Music. Live music and comedy for wedding reception.

Country Club Entertainers

Tonight for our dueling pianos show we’ve added a new little wrinkle. Before we play a 2 hour interactive live music and comedy show, we’re adding solo piano in the cocktail hour. It’s well worth it since there is an absolutely incredible spread of food being laid out.

These guys here have an exceptional array of menu items. Fish and veggies and all of my absolute favorites. So thanks for having us back at your country club again for the 5th year in a row. An absolute jo and always an honor.


Jazz Piano

I love YouTube. I just caught this discussion or rather interview with Bill Evans the great jazz pianist, composer and arranger. He talks about the creative process. Yet the interviewer talks about how as an amateur or a part timer who doesn’t have to explore at the level that Bill Evans is at, does not have the time to improvise past a certain skill level.

But Mr Evans says “You’ve got to be real and authentic.”

I would hope that’s what we try to re-create here on everyone one of our gigs. We play shows all over the USA. I think that’s one thing that we need to be highly aware of, no matter what style of music we are playing, to remain authentic. An audience can always detect BS.

Anyway, check out this short video.


Lots of Live Music This Week

I’m making a quick post here to remind you about all the great Live Music going on this week in and around Chicago

Tuesday night I’ll be at the world’s best piano bar from 8-1130 PM The Redhead is located in downtown Chicago and features the best piano entertainers you will find in town.

Wednesday I’ll be at providing country club entertainment at The Riverside Golf Club. This is private party entertainment at its finest. Entertainers Dan and Ted will be providing high energy dueling pianos for the 4th year in a row. Great food. Great fun. Great laughs.

Thursday I’ll be back at The Redhead with great piano music — Late from 1130-4 AM

Friday is a day to catch my breath. Then Saturday Dueling pianos is back performing for a charity fundraising event. Dueling pianos is a fantastic fundraising ideas. More on this event later. We’ll be down in Central Illinois.

Hope you can make it out. If you can’t come by and see us, then thank you for supporting live music wherever you’re at.



Happy 4th of July Weekend

These BBQ holidays are typical for low attendance and light turn out. So I usually don’t book many gigs. Sometimes by choice. Other times by happenstance.

But I do have one little background restaurant gig. It should be fun. Solo piano music can be relaxing and gratifying.

If you’re having around town I’ll be chillin at the Dancin Marlin in Frankfurt IL It’s on LaGrange Road and 204th Street if my calculations are correct. Stop on by for so e decent (if I do say so myself) live music – piano music to satisfy the soul.

P.S. Keep your fireworks at home. Thanks.

Piano Music Chicago

I’ll be back down at The Redhead for the late night set. Pop on down for a little post-Holiday revile. That’s pronounced Rev-vel-lee. Not re-Vile.

You knew that tho didn’t you?

It will be a rockin’ good time. Even better if you show up. Seriously. Great piano music from me .. Danny G … goin’ till 4 AM Live music in Chicago. Now you know where I’ll be. Where are you gonna be?

The Redhead is located at 16 W Ontario, Chicago IL and we’d love to see you down there. always great live music featuring the of Chicago’s piano entertainers.

Private Party Piano Player

I just got the call to come play an open house at a gorgeous River North home that’s up for sale at a mere $2.5M Take a look at this cathedral ceiling!

piano_openhouseCan you imagine how good that’s going to sound in there? I’m pretty excited to be there this Thursday. I’ll be sure to tell you how it went. This is By Invitation Only I’m sure.

But think of the possibilities. Having a piano player at Realtor open house can greatly enhance the sale-ability of your homes. Realtor are always looking for the next edge to get the contract closed. So add a piano player to your next open house. Very affordable and very effective. Live music!


Wedding Reception Piano Player


I just finished playing piano music at a wedding reception downtown in Chicago. The bride wanted me to play a lot of Chopin and new wave music. Specifically she wanted to hear piano music versions of The Smiths. So yes. MORRISSEY LIVES in cocktail receptions.

Ask for your requests ahead of time when you hire me to come over and play piano music for you and your family at the next wedding reception you have.

Wait No Longer! Book Today!