Illinois Dueling Pianos

Hey hey hey! We’re back in Batavia IL again. Dueling pianos chicago suburbs. You asked for it, You got it!

Open Range Grill is making a lot of people happy with their tasty menu of food AND live music lately. All American Dueling Pianos will be back on August 23 2014 for another great night of music and comedy. You know us. You love us. You know you love us. So come on down and bring some friends. We know you got some.

Jeremy runs a fun and efficient staff. His chef has got all the right ingredients for quick, tasty food for everyone. Even me. Most of you know what a food snob I can be.

So mark the date. Call ‘em up at 630.466.0727 Make your reservation now. Open Range Grill is on North Water in Batavia.

Live music and comedy with All American Dueling Pianos Saturday, August 23 2014 See you there!


Dueling Pianos Country Music Style

We are going into our 4th week down at Bub City on Clark Street in Chicago.

One of my favorite parts about a dueling pianos show – and there are many – is the versatility and diversity we can bring as your corporate entertainers.

Have a theme party ideas planned? Call All American Dueling Pianos!
Need fundraising ideas . Call All American Dueling Pianos!
Are you in charge of this years company event? Call All American Dueling Pianos!

We have the live music package you’ll need to satisfy everyone. Versatile. Diverse. All inclusive. Call All American Dueling Pianos!

This week we go on from 9 til Midnight. Every Wednesday for quite some time – Good Lord Willin’ and the creek don’t rise.
435 N Clark, Chicago, IL OR BETTER YET … Go to their site

The club owners wanted us to come down to their country bar which does real well here in Chicago BTW. We play all the classic country music you could ask for, plus we know a ton of the current artists’ material too.

So get on down. Enjoy some good BBQ. and watch dueling pianos go head to head, toe to toe every Wednesday.

All American Dueling Pianos.

Lots of Live Music This Week

I’m making a quick post here to remind you about all the great Live Music going on this week in and around Chicago

Tuesday night I’ll be at the world’s best piano bar from 8-1130 PM The Redhead is located in downtown Chicago and features the best piano entertainers you will find in town.

Wednesday I’ll be at providing country club entertainment at The Riverside Golf Club. This is private party entertainment at its finest. Entertainers Dan and Ted will be providing high energy dueling pianos for the 4th year in a row. Great food. Great fun. Great laughs.

Thursday I’ll be back at The Redhead with great piano music — Late from 1130-4 AM

Friday is a day to catch my breath. Then Saturday Dueling pianos is back performing for a charity fundraising event. Dueling pianos is a fantastic fundraising ideas. More on this event later. We’ll be down in Central Illinois.

Hope you can make it out. If you can’t come by and see us, then thank you for supporting live music wherever you’re at.



Happy 4th of July Weekend

These BBQ holidays are typical for low attendance and light turn out. So I usually don’t book many gigs. Sometimes by choice. Other times by happenstance.

But I do have one little background restaurant gig. It should be fun. Solo piano music can be relaxing and gratifying.

If you’re having around town I’ll be chillin at the Dancin Marlin in Frankfurt IL It’s on LaGrange Road and 204th Street if my calculations are correct. Stop on by for so e decent (if I do say so myself) live music – piano music to satisfy the soul.

P.S. Keep your fireworks at home. Thanks.

Dueling Pianos in Batavia August 23 2014

I’ve been so busy lately that I forgot to post this to the site. So if you don’t make it by I’ll know why. But once you’re done with your day on the boat and all your graduation parties, pop on by The Open Range 35 N Water Street, Batavia, IL We don’t get started until 9 and were going till Midnight. So grab. Friend … Or two … and we’ll see down here.

Dueling Pianos until Midnight Live music and comedy for your listening and laughing pleasure.


Is Live Music Excessive?

I was always wondering, ever since I was a wee young one, “Was I born with the Excessive Gene?”. I was never one to be satisfied easily. I was never the guy who was happy being the best. I always wanted to be great. Frustrating when it came to sports, yes. But thankfully I found something I could do well. Music. Specifically playing piano. I didn’t come fast nor easy for me. My obsessive nature allowed me to keep going even when I wasn’t really cutting it on the music scene.

So that’s why when I heard from a potential client who wanted to hire us for their fundraiser entertainment that they thought “Live Music was a bit excessive for our event.” I thought “Wow! I’m right on target again.”

I don’t mind hearing “No.” since I have been hearing it most of my life. Plus, I know when I get rejected, I’m all that much closer to hearing someone say “Yes!”

Live music at your next event is not excessive. It is perfect because, nowadays, no one expects it. It used to be there was a ton of bands out there performing and doing gigs. But now it seems like the only time you hear live music anymore it is a wedding music bands or at church.

That’s why we get called repeatedly, year after year, by our customers who are hosting graduation parties or charity events or company events. Live music works. I may even go so far as to argue that it is necessary.

It brings your donors back year after year. They bring their friends. They want to hear good music and have a few laughs and enjoy themselves. Live music adds color to this otherwise bland and monochrome world.

So thank you rejected potential future client. I take it as a compliment that Live Music is Excessive. We are.

Call us for your next fund raiser and watch us raise some fund for your charity. 773-527-7417

Dueling Pianos Nebraska

It’s been a whirlwind. Thats for sure. Heading back home after another energizing show last night. Over 1200 people in attendance sing along, dancing along and laughing along. Dueling pianos reaches everybody young and old. This was another corporate event where family of all ages were invited.

Company events like this are perfect with dueling pianos because the kids are up dancing, they were making requests and adoring every moment. We’re not just talking about the young ones. The tweeners and the teens were on board as well. I love the power of the music.

Live music is such a rarity these days except for weddings and the occasional bar gig. Company events are ready to go with live music from dueling pianos this time in Nebraska.

See you next time.


Where will Corporate Entertainment be 5 years from now?

Where will corporate entertainment be 5 years from now?

To answer that question successfully, perhaps it would be better to think about where we were 5 years ago with corporate events instead of thinking about 5 years into the future.

I mean, seriously, it’s mind boggling to think of how far technology has come. Were you as active on social media 5 years ago as you are now? Probably not. It wasn’t as firmly entrenched in our day to day lives as it is today. I know I wasn’t blogging from my phone 5 years ago.

Even our gear wasn’t nearly as it cool as it is today. The LED stage lights we use are much more affordable. That leaves bigger savings to you. Our sound systems are amazing! We can now custom design our PA to form fit your venue. It fits like a glove eliminating any cause of feedback and providing evenly distributed sound throughout the room or arena no matter where anyone is sitting.

So where will we be in 5 years when comes to corporate entertainment? Its hard to tell what will be expected of live music performers at corporate events. How will today’s audiences respond to a show that doesn’t use sequences or doesn’t lip sync? Will they want the rich full sound of their favorite recordings like you would get from a DJ? Or will they continue to respect, desire and demand real time performances of human beings singing and actually playing their instruments?

Time will tell. One thing we do know is Music is truly the Universal Language. No matter where you go, people have music in their lives on a daily basis. We use music to get us through the bad times as well as celebrate the good times.

So technologically speaking there is no telling what kind of gear we will have a available to us 5 years from now. But chances are we will still be playing our pianos and singing live to our audiences because we interact and engage your customers. Real time entertainment for events. No streaming. No recordings. Live music and comedy at corporate events will live one. See you in 2019

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