Dueling Pianos Nebraska

It’s been a whirlwind. That for sure. Heading back home after another energizing show last night. Over 1200 people in attendance sing along, dancing along and laughing along. Dueling pianos reaches everybody young and old. This was another corporate event where family of all ages were invited. Company events like this are perfect with dueling pianos because the kids are up dancing, they were making requests and adoring every moment. We’re not just talking about the young ones. The tweeters and the teens were on board as well. I love the power I the music. Live music is such a rarity these days except for weddings and the occasional bar gig. Company events are ready to go with live music from dueling pianos this time in Nebraska.

See you next time.


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R&R in Phoenix

It’s 80 degrees and there’s baseball being played. Very little music going on for us today. Just thought you should know.


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Travel day

The cheapest gas prices in the country — OK, TX, NM


Chicago still is the most expensive. But we haven’t made it to CA yet.

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Day Trip Before the Gig Tonight

I needed some color in my life so we came down here to the conservatory today.



Hopefully this will pep up the dueling pianos show tonight in Lake Villa IL

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Where will Corporate Entertainment be 5 years from now?

Where will corporate entertainment be 5 years from now?

To answer that question successfully, perhaps it would be better to think about where we were 5 years ago instead of thinking about 5 years into the future.

I mean, seriously, it’s mind boggling to think of how far technology has come. Were you as active on social media 5 years ago as you are now? Probably not. It wasn’t as firmly entrenched in our day to day lives as it is today. I know I wasn’t blogging from my phone 5 years ago.

Even our gear wasn’t nearly as it cool as it is today. The LED stage lights we use are much more affordable. That leaves bigger savings to you. Our sound systems are amazing! We can now custom design our PA to form fit your venue. It fits like a glove eliminating any cause of feedback and providing evenly distributed sound throughout the room or arena no matter where anyone is sitting.

So where will we be in 5 years when comes to corporate entertainment? Its hard to tell what will be expected of live music performers at corporate events. How will today’s audiences respond to a show that doesn’t use sequences or doesn’t lip sync? Will they want the rich full sound of their favorite recordings like you would get from a DJ? Or will they continue to respect, desire and demand real time performances of human beings singing and actually playing their instruments?

Time will tell. One thing we do know is Music is truly the Universal Language. No matter where you go, people have music in their lives on a daily basis. We use music to get us through the bad times as well as celebrate the good times.

So technologically speaking there is no telling what kind of gear we will have a available to us 5 years from now. But chances are we will still be playing our pianos and singing live to our audiences because we interact and engage your customers. Real time entertainment for events. No streaming. No recordings. Live music and comedy at corporate events will live one. See you in 2019

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Why Live Music is So Important

Sometimes we can’t explain why what we’re doing onstage, at company events, as party entertainers is SO-O important. I had a woman come up to me after a show this last weekend. She was so emphatic about letting us know how good she felt. She said, “My husband and I haven’t been out since our house was destroyed in a tornado.”

I think the Greeks were right. Music helps to heal. It moves large internal objects that we can not see. God gave us music so we could pray with out words.

She was positively invigorated after an evening of live music and comedy. When I see that happen, I just want to tell everybody. It is so essential that we work to get ourselves back in balance — especially after Mother nature changes our lives forever in a single act.

Our jobs as entertainers is to help people feel better — in spite of what is going on in their lives.

I don’t know her name. But I know I will never forget her. We don’t know ho important live music is for our souls. But I do know this. I am truly honored and blessed and every time I get onstage. Thank you in advance for letting us help you.

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Piano Music Chicago

I’ll be back down at The Redhead for the late night set. Pop on down for a little post-Holiday revile. That’s pronounced Rev-vel-lee. Not re-Vile.

You knew that tho didn’t you? It will be a rockin’ good time. Even better if you show up. Seriously. Great piano music from me .. Danny G … goin’ till 4 AM Live music in Chicago. Now you know where I’ll be. Where are you gonna be?

The Redhead is located at 16 W Ontario, Chicago IL and we’d love to see you down there. always great live music featuring the of Chicago’s piano entertainers.

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Holiday Music

This Holiday Music classic just needs to be seen again and again.



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The original iPad

This is the eye pad your grandparents used.


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What?! Another Way To Find Me Online?

Are you kidding me? There is another database that’s wants me to place my info online so I can get qualified leads right to my inbox? Well yes Virginia there is as a matter of fact.
So here it is. Go check this out. And for those of you who are not reading this blog post … well then I guess you’ll just have to wait and find me all on your own.

Piano Entertainer

If you are looking to hire or produce live music events … if you are looking to throw a party, if you want to put together some world class entertainment for events … then you need to check this out.

For those of you who are performers … YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT THIS SITE!!! Lots of good referrals are coming in. Photogs can use it. Musicians can use it. All types of creative folks on here. Go check it out.

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